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Trane Commercial Customer Help Center Overview - Self-Service & Live Factory Support



  • Chester Ososki

    So, How are you supposed to ask a technical question on a unit that is older than 18 months??? 



    Once the unit is outside of the 18 month period, the best path is to connect with your Trane Commercial Account Manager. If you don't have one or don't know how to contact them, you should reach out to the Trane Commercial Sales Office in your area -

    Jeff H - Director, Technical Support

  • ramon

    trane just keeps getting worse. horrible tech support


    Ramon - I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with Trane and our new self-service and live Technical Support offerings. We strive to provide professional, efficient, and effective support from my team of engineers and the self-service content we create based on common questions and product issues. 

    Unfortunately, I don't have a record of any support requests from your email address, so I am not in a position to assist. 

    Jeff Heilman - Director, Technical Support

  • Anthony Cornell

    where is customer direct technical support located for applied products now?



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